The Matrix Steel Carpot

Over the years, Matrix Steel has had the opportunity to build some incredible carports! From horse shelters to break areas, to actual car covers, our carports have so many uses. Using only Australian made Colorbond steel, our carports are designed to withstand the Australian conditions. Whether it is to shade from the heat or shield from a storm, a carport will protect your vehicle.

The Matrix Steel team has built so many carports since opening over 30 years ago. To celebrate, we have decided to post our favourite carports below! Have a look and comment which one you think is best.

  1. The Extended Carport

Carports are not just for home use! We enjoyed building this carport to accommodate a series of cars. An extended carport means that your clients don’t have to worry about their cars whilst enjoying your service!

2. The Classic Carport

This is what we all picture when we think of a carport! The Colorbond steel means that the carport compliments the house design. Furthermore, this carport has a lot of height, leaving room for a caravan, boat or ute.

3. The Break Area

This carport was created specifically as a smoke zone for local employees. During the day, the carport will shield employees from the sun and give them a safe space to enjoy.

4. The Single Carport

Sometimes you don’t need a massive carport! Our single carport is perfect for one car households that want to protect their vehicle. Using Colorbond steel means that you can personalise the carport to match your house design!

5. The Horse Shelter

This is one of the more creative uses for a carport! It is important to be sun safe, especially in the Australian heat. Our carports mean that these horses won’t overheat during the day and have a shady place to relax.

Matrix Steel has been building carports for over 30 years! We hope that you have enjoyed reading this list of some of our favourites.

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