Steel-Clad Vs. Corrugated Fencing

Fences are an essential part of a home. They segment neighbours and keep unwanted guests from entering your property. However, if poorly built, fences can become an eyesore that detracts from a property and take considerable time and money to maintain. When it gets to the point that your fence is falling apart, it is time to replace it with something stronger! If you choose a steel fence replacement, you will have the choice between steel-clad and corrugated fencing. Read below to determine which one is better for you!

A steel-clad fence is ideal for boundary fencing due to its strength and colour range. The fencing is linear and contains trapezium shaped grooves. Made from Colorbond steel, the steel-clad fence is coloured on both sides and contains a large colour range to choose from. Moreover, a steel-clad fence is incredibly difficult to climb, making it perfect for households with children or pets! Our fences comes in 2 different heights, 1.5 or 1.8 metres. Made from quality Colorbond steel, Matrix Steel steel-clad Fencing is strong and withstand up to the harshest conditions.

steel clad fence

Corrugated steel fencing has all of the same properties and is also built to last. Unlike timber fencing, steel fencing does not rot and is less vulnerable to the elements. However, the corrugated fence has a softer aesthetic thanks to its rounded grooves. Although the different fencing types have consistent qualities, a corrugated fence has a smoother aesthetic that would be perfect for residential areas. A steel-clad fence has an appearance more suited to commercial areas and businesses.

corrugated steel fence

Therefore, both fencing options have the same qualities, however, the different shapes results in them having varied physical appearances.

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