Shed Industry Terms: What Do They Mean?

If you have not worked in the steel industry, sometimes the terms can be confusing. That is why we decided to create a several glossaries of terms for you to read! This first one includes 10 industry terms that are important for getting a quote. If you are talking to your builder, discussing a quote or just trying to impress your mates, this glossary will help you understand all things SHEDS! 👷‍♀️

  1. Gable Roof: this is best described with a picture. See the image below of a gable roof. As you can see, it consists of a single sloping plane on each side of a ridge.

2. Skillion Roof: Again, a picture best describes this. As you can see below, a skillion roof is mono-pitched and has a single slope.

3. COLORBOND Steel: A coloured steel manufactured in Australia by Bluescope Steel.

4. Gutters: Steel that is attached to the walls of a shed that guides rainwater into a drain.

5. Insulation: A material that helps to control the temperature of your shed- making it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

6. Personal Access Door: A door positioned on the side or back of your shed that is the access point for majority of foot traffic.

7. Height: The distance between the ground and the underside of the overhang of the shed roof.

8. Slab: The concrete floor of the shed.

9. Skylight: A translucent sheet that can be placed on your roof to let light in.

10. Span: The distance between the columns and the width of the shed.

We hope that these industry terms have been helpful. When you next get a quote, these definitions should help you get the shed that you want! However, if you have any questions feel free to ask our team for help.


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