Shed Industry Terms: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our industry glossaries! We hope that the first one helped you understand what terms are used to give you a quote. If you missed out on reading our first article, click the link below:

This next glossary will be focusing on industry terms that are important when building a shed. We have included 10 essential terms that will help you understand the shed installation process, or simply impress your friends. Read on to find out more!

  1. Apex: this is the highest point of the shed. See the diagram below for a visual explanation.

2. Building Code of Australia: An Australian regulatory body that sets the standards for building and engineering.

3. Base Plates: Angle brackets used to fix the columns to the slab.

4. Cladding: The steel sheeting that covers your building.

5. Topographic Factors: The altitude, slope and direction of any slopes or hills on your site.

6. Ridge Cap: The folded flashing that covers the gap between the roof sheets at the peak of the building.

7. End Wall: The wall located at the Gable end of the shed.

8. Girt: The roll formed structural members that run the length of the shed walls to support the wall cladding.

9. Wind Speed: The wind speed relates to the region in which you are located. Each region is given a category of the likely wind speeds that would be located in that area.

10. Downpipes: The pipes that carry storm water from the gutter to the ground or a tank.

We hope that you have found this glossary of terms helpful! For more information on the shed building process contact us at Matrix Steel Roofing Spot.

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