Our Top 10 Sheds of ALL TIME!

Matrix Steel has been building for over 35 years! Within that time, we have completed thousands of shed, carport, garage and roofing projects. Our team love creating quality Colorbond projects that fit in with the Australian lifestyle. Check out our picks for the top 10 Matrix Steel projects of all time!

  1. Queensland Ambulance Service Shed

This project was completed in 2018 for the Queensland Ambulance Service. We created a Colorbond shed that could protect Queensland Ambulances from the harsh Australian environment. The simple, but effective build of this project is why it falls into our top 10.

2. The Blue Shed

We love this barn-like Colorbond shed because of the sharp blue and cream colour contrast. These colours stand out and the durability of Colorbond steel will ensure the longevity of this project.

3. The Tall Shed

We love everything about this shed. The sheer height of this project makes it perfect for storing farming equipment. Furthermore, the windows and addition of a whirly bird will increase this sheds airflow.

4. The Barn Shed

This shed was personalised for recreational purposes. The addition of sliding glass doors, sunlights, three whirly birds and a large roller door make this shed a fantastic space.

5. QFES Storage Sheds

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services asked us to build them a Colorbond Storage shed in 2017. We loved working with this important Australian organisation.

6. Bundaberg Storage Sheds

These storage sheds Bundaberg came in a set! We enjoyed working with the Bundaberg community to create a series of sheds with the same Colorbond steel.

7. The BIG One

This is one of Matrix Steel’s bigger projects. We loved creating this massive shed to store farming equipment. The use of Colorbond steel will ensure that the the equipment is protected from the harsh Australian climate.

8. The House Shed

Although big sheds are impressive, we also love doing smaller projects. This tiny shed is one of our favourites because it fits perfectly with the design of this property.

9. The Farm Shed

We love the high windows and roller doors utilised in this shed design. This shed is perfect for both storage and recreational purposes. The tall height of this project made it extremely fun to manufacturer.

10. The Humble Shed

Last but not least we have the humble shed. This shed is a Colorbond cream colour and is the perfect size for storing two vehicles. Although nothing extra has been added, we enjoyed manufacturing this project. It is a perfect addition to any Australian household.


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