Gable VS Skillion: What is the Difference?

The roof design is one of the biggest decisions in the shed building process. The type of roof you choose to build for your residential shed can significantly increase the value of your property. Matrix Steel offers two different types of roofing: Gable and Skillion. This article will focus on the difference between the two and will hopefully give perspective on which one is better for you.


A gable roof is easily recognised by its triangular shape. A strength of the gable roof is that its slopes make it easy to maintain, as rain and debris usually slide down the sides. Whether you live in the suburbs or the outback, a gable shed will fit right in. However, if not build correctly, the gable shed may not be able to withstand severe weather events. At Matrix Steel, not only does our Colorbond roofing come with a 15-year warranty, but the company is ShedSafe approved. This means that you can be confident that our gable sheds are built to the best Australian standards.


A skillion shed has a single sloping appearance (see photo below) and has the ability to lean onto your home. This means that they can easily fit into small spaces and blend into your residential home’s appearance. A further advantage is that skillion roofing is generally cheaper due to using less materials. However, skillion sheds are not visibly pleasing like gable sheds. This means that it may offer less value to your home depending on where it is positioned. Matrix Steel offers the skillion shed and has over 30 years’ experience creating customised sheds for clients.


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