Colorbond: What is it?

Colorbond is an Australian brand that offers the highest quality steel products in a large range of colours. They are owned by BlueScope steel, who have built numerous other successful brands such as Truecore, Zincalume and Lysaght. Colorbond is nationally recognised for its high-grade products such as roofing, guttering, garage doors, walling, fencing, sheds and water tanks. Furthermore, for the past three years the brand has sponsored the popular Australian television show, The Block.

Figure 1: Matrix Steel Shed Built with Colorbond Steel.

So why use Colorbond for your project? Matrix Steel has been using BlueScope Colorbond steel to deliver its projects for over thirty years. Not only does Colorbond have a large range of colour options, it is also tested in Australian conditions. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and has five layers of protection (it is not just “painted steel”).

Figure 2: Colorbond Steel Colours

Additional benefits of Colorbond are that it is environmentally friendly and great fire protection. All Colorbond steel products come with a warranty, so you can be guaranteed that you are receiving the best quality Australian steel. Matrix Steel projects have the choice of Colorbond or Zincalume steel colours (depending on your project specifications). If you are searching for environmentally friendly, no hassle steel, that also looks good, Colorbond is the right choice for you.

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